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Help provides a professional classifieds marketing platform to advertise second hand goods, trade and business services online.

Select a category, region, type of advertisement eg: wanted to buy or wanted to sell, select the region or whole of New Zealand and press the search button. The search results will be displayed. Make contact with the advertisers direct.

Free and chargeable ads are accepted and remain on the site for an advertising period of six weeks. During this time the advertiser can edit the ad, view the hits the ad has received and de-activate the ad if the goods are sold. is a division of the Company Limited. Limited offers various company divisions Providing Effective and Affordable Online Marketing Solutions for businesses and offers a range of personal services.

Including, the online virtual mall, directory,, and this site.

For further information on the various services offered by visit the websites divisions and then if more information is required please email your request to:

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